Disruption and Business Development in B2B

Worst nighmare of a company’s salesforce is to realize there isn’t anyone really willing to buy your product.

Wait! You did your research and everyone looked sincerely interested… even they asked for a proposal and talked about figures. What happened in between??

There is a simple answer to that: it happened nothing, because to be interested doesn’t mean to be willing to buy!


Always remember that for every product there are thousands of substitutes. The strongest substitute by the way is not changing a well-stablished service/product/not-doing-anything-new.

It is your mission to make clear the benefits of adopting the solution you are offering. It is what you are accountable for as a Business Developer: it is not only to find and target the right clients but translating any negative feedback into plans to action.

It is a well-known misunderstanding that technology, for example, sells by itself thanks to a misterious effect when showed to clients… wrong! Business is not about disruptive technology but about disruption on how your clients increase their profit with your technology.

I strongly recommend to read articles like why do we need sales? from Andreessen & Horowitz VC Blog (this post is about SaaS but it applies to every technological product to be sold).

Post initially published in Juan Yagüe on Linkedin.

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