Aren’t you selling?… well, it’s all your fault!

Yes, we all know. It’s the theory and almost an axiom in sales strategy: you’ll only succeed if you create value for your clients.

But… wait a minute… you have an awesome product! you get positive feedback from every potential client you talk to… even some of them look like crazy for your company… but you don’t actually sell anything.

The problem is that the process to turn perceived value into sales depends on many factors. Almost none of them depend on how good is your product!

One key factor to succesfully close a sales deal is to know if your timing works for your client. No company and/or consumer is likely to buy or close a deal whenever you contact them.

Here’s a checklist to have in mind before trying to turn a lead into a client (you don’t have a second chance to make a good first impression):

  • What is their market share? Are they first, second, third player?
  • How is their budget spending scheduled throughout the year?
  • When are they making the decision on where they are spending their money?
  • Who is making the decision and how long before you need to contact this person? How much time they take to make a decision?
  • Once the decision to become a client is made… is there any extra schedule or procedure to follow?
  • Is it possible for you and your company to be on schedule for all points?

I sincerely encourage you to have all these questions answered in advance. Otherwise, you may waste a lot of time…

  • Time wasted by you is money you loose.
  • Time wasted by the potential client is a bridge you’re burning.

Always remember: the one who has the money is the one who can stick to its own schedule… the one who wants to sell is the one who needs to adapt!

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