I am a business development enthusiast who works with engineers and sales and marketing people in order to build great products, seize market opportunities and build strong relationships in business.

My mission is to help developers of amazing technologies to build and to grow a healthy profitable business. I work to be the bridge between business people and the technology that will disrupt the way profits are made.

Currently, I am the COO of CITIBOX is the Super-Mailbox/Locker Technology Network that empowers you.

Citibox: More free time, zero steps from home! We make your life easier.

Don’t wait for your online purchases to arrive. Have your laundry service pick up and deliver your clothes at home. Enjoy the finest bakery first hour in the morning directly from oven to home, everyday!

All in one single App, one single place, delivered at home and kept for you. No extra cost!

As Chief of Operations my mission is to take this wonderful experience at your door and prevent you from worrying ever again about anything to be picked up or delivered!

I formerly served as COO & Business Development Manager of Ad Lemons, the advertising technology platform that connects advertisers to publishers in a profitable and respectful way, I was responsible of business developmewnt operations and co-designed sales and marketing strategy. I coordinated fundraising at seed stage. I achieved to meet our clients’ needs using state-of-the-art code development to find the most relevant publishers for their campaigns while improving attractiveness to publishers.

I can be found at:

Juan Antonio Yagüe Tejedor on Linkedin.

MBA IE Business School.

MS, BS Universidad Politécnica de Madrid y Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.

Feel free to contact me for any reason you think it is worth! 🙂