Pricing strategy for #SaaS is also meaningful for non-SaaS #productmanagement

Pricing is probably the most risky moment for a startup. The most common mistake made by a company is to price products or services thinking about the company itself and its own operative.

Deadly wrong!

Let’s go back to basics… defnition of customer: someone who pays for something because it is useful for her/him.

In other words: the customer is not willing to pay for what you have developed…. the customer is willing to pay for something that he/she wants!

This is the main reason for the abandon of “waterfall” models: It’s critical for your success to find out what your cutomers really WANT, not what you THINK they might need or be interested in!

Consider to adapt the strategy followed by succesful SaaS companies in order to determine how much do they charge on features and which features to offer among all available to be developed.

It implies, of course, talking to your customers 😉


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