There is no such a thing called will

Intentions only exist in your mind. It is important for your personal well-being that you realize you cannot judge how things are going and thus improve your way based on facts that are not real.


Things start to exist when they are materialized. Even ideas on a book are a real thing, given they were written down by someone who made the effort. This is a very simple explanation on why many methods of organizing your work start by writting down a short list of very simple tasks: in order to do them!

Try not to get caught in the “analysis-paralysis” trap… braintime you devote to an issue is only worth if it is applied on doing something on that subject. You define your reality by your actions. You can only improve analysing your failures that, in fact, are the outcome of some actions.

There is no such a thing called will: you either do things or not. Neither the execution nor the outcome depends on the intentions but in the action itself and how it impacts on others.


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